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NG Events Calendar 2019




May 12th

Wallingford Vehicle Rally

John D Watson

May 17/28th

NG Scotland Roadtrip

Charlie Killick

& Su Hore

May 19th

Spring Classic Breakfast Brooklands

John D Watson

May 19th

Jorvic Classic Car Run

Steve Tyler

June 2nd

London to Brighton Kit Car Run

John D Watson

June 15/16th

Le Mans 24 hour

Charlie Killick

June 21/23

NGOC National Rally

- 40th Anniversary of NG

John D Watson

July 13th

Dogmersfield Fete

Paul Gray

July 14th

Naunton Classic & VintageTransport Show & Fete

Ian Adcock

July 14th

Epsom MGOC Surrey Car Run

John D Watson

Aug 21st

Ferguson Family Museum I.O.W.(10:30) Museum open by appointment only contact Sue for details

Sue Boulton

Aug 24/25th

Egham Royal Show

John D Watson

Sept 13/20th

NGers Do Dorset

John Hoyle

Sept 13/15th

Goodwood Revival


Dec 8th

NG South East Christmas Lunch (Reigate)

Sue Boulton

Contact details
Sue Boulton rayboulton744@btinternet.com
Paul Gray p_dgray@btinternet.com
John Hoyle john@hoyle-engineering.co.uk
Charlie Killick charlie_killick@hotmail.com
Steve Tyler steve_62@talktalk.net
John D Watson johnd_watson@yahoo.co.uk