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ChangiNGear  :: October 2013 Mailing - Message from the Editors 


We need to make you aware of a problem with the mailing of the October issue. 

So far we have had two reports of Members being charged ‘excess postage’ for their copies this week. 

John Hoyle had already flagged up to us that copies posted to USA (which had an additional folded A4 letter) were marginal for weight at 99gm. 

I have today been to two local Post Offices and can confirm that the ‘as posted UK version’ is under the 100gm weigh limit and passes through their regulation 5mm slot, though it is near the limit on both counts. 

There is no reason why there should be any variation in weight between various copies but being an A5 booklet it may be that some seemed thicker than others depending on how tightly these are folded and the ‘squashability’. 

The August issue had no such reported problems but on comparing this with the October issue it is noticeable that the latter is very slightly heavier and thicker which can only be explained by Nescott using a different paper source with a fractional higher gsm, which has pushed the ‘limits’. 

It may come to light that more, and even all, UK Members may be similarly charged. 

We apologise that this has happened. 

If the reported numbers are substantial then we will make a formal complaint to the Post office, so please let us know. 

We will of course take steps to ensure that future issues have a greater margin for error and will thus probably limit the booklet size to 52pages. 

We would ask that anybody who has to pay excess and collect from a Post Office to have the weight/thickness checked at the time and to challenge the excess if appropriate (and please let us know) – Thanks 


With apologies & regards – Chris & Su 

Dear Editor,
I would like to ask whether you would be willing to please consider the following letter for possible publication in a future copy of the Club magazine/newsletter. I have tried to keep it as brief as possible, in the interest of space, whilst retaining the key points of my request. Please let me know your thoughts!

Many thanks,

Neil Jones

5 November 2012


Dear All,

I would like to ask whether you would be willing to help with my rather unusual hobby - I collect expired road tax discs. I began collecting in 1984 as a lad of eleven, and am still collecting now.... though the collection has grown somewhat since I was a child, as I now have over 150,000 examples. Yes, you did read that right! My oldest example dates back to 1922, from a tiller-steered De Dion Bouton tricycle.

Most people, when they renew a disc, tend to slip the new one over the top of the old one, resulting in a wad of them accumulating in the holder. Rather than throwing these away, I'd like to ask whether you would be willing to please send any expired discs my way. It doesn't matter how old or how recent the discs are.

You may be interested to see this video...... in January 2010, I was interviewed by my local BBC News TV programme...... you can see this here:   www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OGTjlnF-40   and also, this article which ran in the London based Metro newspaper...  www.metro.co.uk/news/810049-meet-the-driven-man-who-collected-120-000-car-tax-discs   .

I realise of course that this is an unusual request - I've been told that on many occasions during the past 28 years of collecting! - but I hope that you will please give it your consideration, as I am keen to add any NG discs to my collection!

Hoping to hear from you.

Kind Regards,

Neil Jones,

6 Pleasant Place, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 9YD


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