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Otley Vintage Transport Extravanza, on the 8 September 2019
Bill says "Looking at the photo from left to right was Mike Heath then Ken Elliott, Ken Halls, (Me) Bill Hornby and Ian Dixon, proudly standing next to our NG TF's.
As you can see, their is NG life in the North!, thanks to the organisation of Ken Elliott.

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SE Christmas Lunch: In view of the current situation a decision has been made to cancel the lunch booked on the 6th December this year. A reservation has been made for the 5th December 2021.
After the lockdown I will contact the hotel and if there is interest, availability and restrictions allow maybe we could still consider something this year.
Stay Safe
Sue Boulton 2-11-20
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Since Nick Green's original design, in 1979, over a 1000 cars have been lovingly created by our members. There are several types of car:

  • The NG TA, the original, 'sit up and beg' 2+2
  • The NG TC a two seater, cycle wing with a boat tail
  • The NG TF a 2+2 flared wing beauty
  • The NG TD similar to the TF but with front cycle wings
  • The NG Henley was a Sierra or Cortina based TF
  • The NG Ascot a Marina based TF

The basis for the original cars was the old MGB with it's 1800 cc engine. There were Ford (Sierra & Cortina) based versions as well as Marina. Latterly there has been a move to V8 engines.

Geoff was the winner of the best TF at the National Rally 2017


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